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What is land information ledger? Khatian is the land record that is prepared during the survey along with the details of the land ownership of one or more land owners based on the mouza. What is a C, S record? C, S is the cadastral survey. The first district based design and land record prepared in our country is called C, S record. S, what is this ledger? The ledger prepared after the enactment of the Zamindari Acquisition and Tenancy Act by the government in 1950 is called SA Khatian. What is Namjari? Namjari is the process of registering the name of a new owner of a land through inheritance or purchase or any other process. What is deposit rejection? Deposit rejection means creating new ledger by splitting the joint deposit. Rejection of transfer or distribution of any land of a tenant holding a new holding or opening of a ledger with some land from the original ledger is called deposit rejection. What is a leaflet? The copy of the draft khatian prepared during the land survey which is distributed to the land owner before attestation is called field pamphlet. A copy of a pamphlet is called a pamphlet after the pamphlet has been attested or attested by the revenue officer and the ledger is finally published at the end of the objection and appeal hearing. What is the schedule? Schedule means introductory details of the land. In order to give the identity of a land, the name of the concerned mouza, ledger no., Dag no., Boundary of the land, amount of land etc. What is a mouza? During the cadastral survey, each police station area has been divided into unique units and marked with the serial number of each unit. Each such unit in the police station area is called a mouza. A mouza is formed with one or more villages or neighborhoods. What is rent? The land tax that the government collects from the tenants on an annual basis for land use is called land rent. What is waqf? According to Islamic law, waqf is the donation of property by a Muslim landowner to cover the expenses of a religious and social welfare organization. What is Motwalli? A person who manages and supervises waqf property is called a motwalli. Motwalli cannot transfer waqf property without the permission of the waqf administrator. What is Warish? Warish means heir under religious provisions. If a person dies without a will, according to the law, the person or persons who own the property left by his wife, children or close relatives are called heirs. What is Farage? The rules and procedures for distributing the property of a deceased person according to Islamic law are called faraj. What is khas land? Land under the Ministry of Land which is supervised by the Collector on behalf of the government is called khas land. What is confession? Acceptance of the proposal of the government to settle the land to the farmer and accept the payment of rent by the tenant is called acceptance. What's the spot number? In mouzas, the land of each land owner is displayed separately or in each svarajmin with boundary poles or isles for the purpose of identifying each piece of land based on the class of land. In mouza design, the number given for identifying or identifying land with serial number of each piece of land is called spot number. What is a rash? The serial number that is mistakenly omitted when giving the serial number of each plot of land during the preparation or revision of the design at the initial stage of the land survey or the serial number which has to be omitted due to the merging of the two land plots after the initial stage is called discharge spot. What is Chandina VT? The non-agricultural tenant area of ​​the permanent or temporary shop part of the Hat Bazar is called Chandina VT. What is priority? Preferential means the provision of availability of priority over other buyers legally when purchasing property. If an agricultural land owner or partner transfers his share or land to a stranger through sale, an additional 10% of the value stated in the documents by the other partner is sold or submitted to the court within 4 months of being informed. What is Amin? Amin was the employee who prepared the design and ledger through the land survey and was engaged in the land survey work. What is Siksti? Siksti is the loss of land due to river erosion. If the Siksti land is in place within 30 years, the person who was the owner of the land before the Siksti or his heirs will be entitled to the ownership of the land subject to conditions. What is Payasti? Payasti is the formation of silt from the river bed. What is null land? Plain 2 or 3 crop arable land is called null land. What is Debottar's property? The land dedicated to the organization, management and financing of Hindu religious ceremonies is called Debottar Property. What is an entry? The land tax collected from the land owner in which the proof or receipt of land tax is given in the prescribed form (Form No. 107) is called Dakhila. D, C, and what? The receipt given in the prescribed form (Form No. 222) after collection of government dues other than land tax is called D, C, R. What is a document? Any written statement that is admissible as evidence in court in the future is called a document. However, according to the provisions of the Registration Act, the contract executed and registered by the land buyer and seller for the transfer of property is generally called a deed. What is Kistowar? After preparing the quadrilaterals and jams during the land survey, the method of preparing the design by drawing a real geographical picture of the land piece by piece by running the chain on the Sikkim line Says. What is khanapuri? The process of filling up each column of the ledger form by the survey staff during the preparation of the ledger after preparing the mouza design during the survey is called khanapuri.